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Final Assignment Video


Chapter 14

On Todays lesson  Objectives • Define data rate • To calculate the file size of an uncompressed digital video • To calculate the file size of an uncompressed audio file • To determine… Continue reading

Chapter 13

This Chapter Objectives • Apply the Clone Stamp tool to hide flaws • Work with the Healing Brush • Use the Patch tool to repair solid-color areas • Softening images with Gaussian Blur … Continue reading

Chapter 12

In This Chapter Objectives • To be able to describe various broadcast video standards • To be able to describe video aspect ratio • To be able to manipulate various features in Windows… Continue reading

Chapter 11

In This Chapter We learned Objectives • Draw a shape • Draw a Custom Shape • Draw a Shape with the Pen Tool • Edit a Shape    Shapes Three different types of… Continue reading

Chapter ninth and tenth

Objectives • Create type elements • Control the font attributes • Manage the type layers • Create paragraphs type • Warping the type • Using text as a clipping mask • Apply special… Continue reading

Chapter sixth and seventh

Today Objectives are • To recognize elements of the Layers palette • To identify and explain 5 different types of layers • To merge and flatten layers • To apply layer style onto… Continue reading

Chapter fourth and fifth

Objectives are : • Create elliptical and rectangular selections • Identify the specific function of various lasso tools • Combine selections • Remove portions of a selection • Save and load selections Selection… Continue reading

Third Chapter

Today objectives are Work with the Brushes palette  Use the Brush tool Use the eraser tools Create blend between different colors You can use Brushes for Repair ,modify and improve and existing picture… Continue reading

Second Chapter

On this Chapter we learned how to : convert images to different colours modes Correct Mistakes using history palette  Manipulate the size of an image Colour Modes : Color mode = color space… Continue reading