Chapter ninth and tenth


• Create type elements
• Control the font attributes
• Manage the type layers
• Create paragraphs type
• Warping the type
• Using text as a clipping mask • Apply special type effects 

Type Elements

Photoshop Type is made with vectors

Vectors are composed of lines and points 


Using the Type Tools 

Point text is created by clicking on the image and typing (Click & Type)
A Text box is created by clicking and dragging to add a text box to the image. (Click &


To add type, click on the image with the Type tool Type at the insertion point
A new type layer is created 

Controlling Type Attributes

Type attributes are controlled in the Character palette 


Type Attributes include:

  •   Kerning
  •   Tracking
  •   Vertical/Horizontal Scale
  •   Baseline Shift
  •   Attributes (SuperScript, SubScript, All Caps, Bold, etc) 


Type Layers

When type layers are linked, they can be moved as one layer Type layers can be merged or combined into one layer
Flattening or merging layers containing type will rasterize the type Rasterized type is not editable

It is always a good idea to save a copy of the file in PSD format to preserve all data