Chapter 11

In This Chapter We learned


• Draw a shape

• Draw a Custom Shape

• Draw a Shape with the Pen Tool

• Edit a Shape 



Three different types of shapes can be created with shape tools Clipping mask is a shape that acts like a cookie cutter.

  • Path shape is like the
  • paths created with the pen tool.
  • Fill shape is created with pixels. 

What is a path?
Paths are lines and curves that make up the outlines

of vector graphics

Two thumbnails on a shape layer

The thumbnail on the left is a fill layer, which contains pixels of colour.

The thumbnail on the right is a vector mask, which contains a vector-based circle shape.

That shape acts as a mask, hiding all the fill layer pixels outside of the white area of the mask.

Shape Layer 

A shape layer acts like a cut out – cutting the shape out of a layer