Third Chapter

Today objectives are

  • Work with the Brushes palette
  •  Use the Brush tool
  • Use the eraser tools
  • Create blend between different colors

You can use Brushes for Repair ,modify and improve and existing picture or Create a new picture.

The Options bar contains settings that control how the painting tools interact with the image.

You can use brushes for creating lust of stuff and you can download free brushes from .

 Blending modes affect how paint interacts with the pixels underneath the painted area.
 Opacity affects the transparency of the color, pattern, or effect.
Panting tools are used to add colours or retouch areas and
 Painting tools include:
  • Brush tool
  • Gradient tool
  • History Brush & Art History Brush
  • Color Replacement tool

Painting tools all you to add new objects colours and shapes,erase portions of an object,retouch or remove portions of an image,paint one object with surface of  another,Changing diameter, orientation, and brush axes can create some interesting design effects.

Creating Blends 

Blends/Gradients are smooth transitions between two or more colors.
Creating Gradients
There is 5 option for Gradients that available on Gradients Bar.You can also choose preset gradients from the options bar.
 The Eraser paints in three ways
  •   Background layer – paints with the background color
  •   Normal layer – erases all data, making that area transparent
  •   Erase to History – restores data from a previous version of the image

Removing colours

You can Erase background pixels of a layer by using The Background Eraser tool and The Magic Eraser erases pixels of the same color of the area that was clicked. The size and shape of the eraser is controlled by the Brush preset settings.