Chapter sixth and seventh

Today Objectives are

• To recognize elements of the Layers palette
• To identify and explain 5 different types of layers
• To merge and flatten layers
• To apply layer style onto layers
Why using layers ? 

•Create composite images ,Create complex projects ,Correct color ,Add special effects ,Repair photos.
By layers you can change Opacity ,Stacking oorder and blending modes and combining several layers into one is called  merging.
Types of Layers are
•Normal layers are added on top of the current layer
•Adjustment layers are used to modify an image without affecting the original pixels
•Layer masks protect areas of a layer
•Shape layers contain vector shapes
•Type layer contain text elements
Merge and Flatten
•Merging – combining two or more layers
•Flattening – merges all layers in a document with the purpose of optimizing the file size
•You can connect layers to one another by linking them
•Linked layers move together as one unit
•The Merge Layers command will merge the linked layers in the image
Applying later styles
•Layer styles add special effects to an image
•Several options are available for different layer styles