First Day

First day of attending Multimedia class was totally awesome.

Mr Matthew Wee Introduce to us Adobe Photoshop Interface ,for most of guys it was new but not for since I’m using Photoshop for 4 or 5 years now.

I’m not gonna lie I’m not a Pro but i know 50% of  how Photoshop works by just practising without any tutorials.

Mr Matthew showed us how to open a picture and save it and also told us how popular editing software Photoshop is.

Here is a Picture of our tutorial slid :


And also we learn how to Exploring the Photoshop Environment :

• Window > Workspace > Image Analysis
 Many options available for workspaces.
He also told us about Brushes ,Saving pictures in other formats, understanding of Photoshop toolbox
photoshop-tool-bar (1)
and also how to zome in and zome out.
Chapter 1 Slids
M.R. Pournouri